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Having a Personal Injury Claim? Here are the Damages for Compensation

Apart from the physical injuries a person suffers from an accident, there are other setbacks they get. It includes the loss of income due to inability to work for a period or damage to assets. Therefore, when in a personal accident due to another person’s fault or negligence, it is beneficial to seek compensation. However, it can be challenging to lodge a claim yourself. You will need Reep Law attorneys to assist you with the claims.

The Damages Attorneys Consider

The value of a personal injury lawsuit differs depending on the incident. A qualified attorney at can seek different grounds in damages to assist you in getting worthy compensation for the troubles. Below are the damages the legal practitioners can consider;

1. Treatment Expenses

After undergoing an accident, it is critical to undergo medical assessment and treatment. It involves immediate care after the accident and subsequent doctor’s visits due to the accident. A qualified attorney will seek compensation for the entire treatment process until complete recovery. The treatment expenses damages are the most popular with the personal injury cases. However, it is critical to go for medical treatment soon after the accident and keep the records as evidence.

2. Lost Income

An accident can make you lose income due to the inability to work because of the sustained injuries. The damages for the problems include compensation due to the injured person not working immediately and in the future. An attorney will calculate the income you lose in the process to ensure payment.

3. Damage to Assets

A personal injury lawsuit seeks compensation for assets lost or damaged during the accident. It will seek to replace or repair the asset. Although it is common with automobile accidents, the damages apply to items lost in case of accidents at the workplace

4. Pain and Suffering

Injuries will cause pain and suffering to the victim. The amount in compensation will usually differ depending on the extent of the injury. It includes the pain that a person undergoes immediately they undergo an accident or later.

5. Psychological Challenges

Since accidents affect a person’s psychological state, personal injury lawyers can help with the emotional distress a person goes through. A lawsuit will go beyond the physical impact to the mental implications that an accident can cause. It will factor in stress, depression, anxiety, and lack of sleep due to the ordeal. Some legislation takes emotional distress as part of an individual’s pain while others calculate it separately.

6. Loss of Consortium

Apart from the physical and mental challenges a person faces in an accident, the ordeal can affect their relationships. If the accident negatively impacts how a person relates with their family, it can form part of the compensation.


In case of death to an injured person, the surviving family members get compensation, including burial expenses. A settlement will happen after the lawsuit is complete and the judge gives the determination. It is essential to get a qualified and experienced lawyer for a personal injury claim.

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