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Top 4 Reasons you need a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been injured in a traffic accident or any other type of accident due to someone else’s negligence, the chances are that you have a lot of questions in your head. Do I need a personal injury lawyer? Who should be held responsible for the damages associated with the accident? Do I have a valid personal injury claim? These are some of the common questions an experienced personal injury lawyer can answer.

According to MG Law, these are the top five reasons you should hire an expert in personal injury law.

1. You suffered severe injuries

If you were severely injured or suffered a permanent disability in an accident, you need an experienced personal injury attorney. Severe injuries or permanent disabilities are likely to change your life negatively. For instance, you are likely to experience a lot of pain for a very long time and end up paying hefty medical bills for long-term care.

At the very least, having a good lawyer on your side can help you gather the facts and evidence you need to file a personal injury claim successfully. Remember, getting the amount of compensation you deserve could help pay medical bills and finance other necessary changes in your environment.

2. You don’t know who is responsible for the accident

Sometimes, people get involved in an accident and cannot tell who was at fault. The other party’s insurance will definitely deny liability and blame you for the damages. A good lawyer can work tirelessly to determine who was responsible for the accident. They can protect your rights and successfully defend you from cross-claims and counterclaims.

3. Multiple parties are to blame for the accident

In rare cases, multiple parties may be responsible for an accident. For example, if you are involved in a traffic accident involving an Uber vehicle and a commercial truck, the chances are that two or more parties are to blame for the crash.

An attorney has the experience necessary to handle such lawsuits. They gather the right information, analyze the facts linked to your case, and successfully help you hold the right parties accountable for their actions.

4. Your personal injury claim was denied

Insurers know that most people don’t understand the complex laws and processes that must be followed when filing a personal injury claim. That means they easily find an error in your application and deny your claim.

Sometimes, insurers deliberately delay claim compensation for no good reason. Having an experienced lawyer on your side means you can successfully file a valid claim. In the event that the insurer wants to deny your claim, your attorney can fight for your interests and get the amount of compensation you deserve. Generally, the benefits of hiring an experienced attorney outweigh the benefits of doing so. If you were involved in an accident, consult with an attorney to find out if you have a valid personal injury claim.

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