Modbsolutions Class Action Lawsuit

If you have recently purchased a recalled product and were unhappy with it, you may be able to file a Modbsolutions class-action lawsuit. This lawsuit may be beneficial for you if the company has not made a refund as promised. It is also beneficial if you’ve received a credit card bill that contains your private information and were unable to use the account promptly.

This class-action lawsuit against ModBSolutions claims that the company did not follow the law when setting up its customer portal.

Instead, the company violated consumer privacy laws and used the platform’s platform to sell advertising space to advertisers. In an attempt to stop this from happening, ModBSolutions has a cloud-based data management platform called Hardwell Data, which allows customers to store and transfer data records of any size.

The company is an application service provider and technology company that specializes in data management and monetization services for data owners. By helping clients create revenue streams from their data, they have provided them with a way to store and transfer records of all types. The company’s platform is designed to make it easy for customers to store and transfer data of all types and sizes. The software also allows customers to manage large amounts of data without worrying about how much storage space is needed.

The class-action lawsuit against ModBSolutions has two distinct parts.

A class action is opt-in, while a collective action requires the opt-out of all members. The settlement amount will be shared with class members. If you don’t receive any notice, it doesn’t mean you aren’t eligible. You should contact an attorney right away to find out if you are a member of the class.

You may be eligible to participate in a ModBSolutions class action lawsuit if you have purchased a ModBSolutions product. The company’s cloud-based platform is designed to help data owners manage and monetize their data records. This cloud-based data management platform also offers customers a service called Hardwell Data, which lets them store and transfer all types of data. If you’re eligible for a settlement, you can expect to receive a settlement.

The ModBSolutions class action lawsuit is about the company’s data management and monetization services.

They offer cloud-based data management solutions for businesses to build revenue streams from their data. Their Hardwell Data platform enables customers to store and transfer any type of data record. It is easy to join a class-action lawsuit, so it’s important to join one. The information in a modbsolutions lawsuit can be accessed for free and can be used in many ways.

A ModBSolutions class action lawsuit can be beneficial for you if you have a large amount of personal data. The company has been known to violate the privacy of its customers by leaking private information. If you have a lot of personal data, you can join a class-action lawsuit to get a settlement. You may be eligible for a settlement if you’re eligible for a ModBSolutions class-action suit.

The ModBSolutions class action lawsuit is a potential class action that aims to recover damages for consumers.

While the ModBSolutions team is well-known in the tech industry, its main mission is to help clients monetize their data. The company aims to increase its customers’ revenues by providing them with data services that can generate new revenue streams. It also provides cloud-based solutions to store data records and transfer them to third parties.

A ModBSolutions class action lawsuit is a great way to get the settlement that you need. You don’t have to be a member of the class to join. However, if you are not part of the class, you can still join. Just make sure you’re on the list so you’ll be notified if you qualify. If you’re not on the list, you might be eligible for a settlement.

Another Modbsolutions class action lawsuit is targeting the company’s failure to protect its customers’ data from hackers. The case was filed in late April 2018 and it was eventually settled. But the problem didn’t stop there. More than 58 million people were affected by the breach. The problem grew so big that the company’s response was to settle the case. As a result, a Modbsolutions class action lawsuit has been filed in the U.S.

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  1. I want to join the ModbSolutions Class Action Lawsuit for them hacking my personal data online. Accounts were breached with Modbsoloution.

  2. 12-8-22
    Add my name to this lawsuit list.
    LifeLock notice informing me there was a Historical Dark Web Exposure of my data.
    Services Other.
    In Nov-2021
    Information exposure-
    Password, Full name, longitude, Middle name, Marital Status, Gender, IP Address-32 But.

  3. 12-8-22 And also add me to this lawsuit.
    LifeLock reported numerous Dark Web and Historical Dark Web data breaches to my account.
    (1) Historical Dark Web, (Oct-2016) name, email address, home address, password, IP address 32Bit.
    (2) Dark Web, (May-2019) name, email address, user name, password, full name, country.
    (3) Dark Web, myheritage (Feb-2019) email address, password.
    (4) Dark Web, (Feb-2018/2019) email address, user name, password.

  4. I found out through Aura because of this site, my personal information is on the dark web. Someone has tried numerous times to open bank accounts in my name. Someone tried today to open a bank account.

    Add my name to the lawsuit.

  5. How do I fill out the paper work on modsulations. Add my name to law suit please just found several on my credit report

  6. looking to join the lawsuit. Have has multiple notices for collections from multiple sources on my credit all from Texas. My info is out there from modbsolutions

  7. My info was leaked in 2016 to the dark web by midnight solutions and I’ve been getting emails and texts and letters from all over about money owed and my information being changed and signing up for things I never even signed up for in the first place. Add me to the law suite also please.

  8. Please add my name to the class action lawsuit. My personal information was shared on the web & I was notified by Allstate Digital Footprint on 02/27/2023

  9. My info is on the dark web and has affected credit report. I request to be included in the class action lawsuit and have credit cleared.

  10. Please add my name to the class action lawsuit. My personal details such as email address and date of birth have been shared. I was told by Mobile security app on 1 March 2023.

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