What to do when you have to make a personal injury claim

If you have been the victim of a traffic accident, an accident at work, a dog bite or an incident caused by medical negligence or exposure to defective products or medicines, among other cases, you should know that you are in a position to make a personal injury claim.

What is a personal injury claim?

A personal injury claim is a written statement addressed to the competent body in each case, specifying the details of the accident, the physical and material damages (if any) with the objective of requesting compensation that adjusts to the impact of the accident on our lives.

To whom should they be addressed?

The possible addressees of a personal injury claim will tend to be the insurance companies, in cases of traffic accidents. The labor insurance or the company responsible for the incident, in case of occupational accident. The owner of the dog or the animal’s insurer (if any) in case of dog bite.

The professional involved (whose liability insurance will respond for the same), in case of medical negligence and the companies involved in the creation or distribution in case of incident produced by the exposure to defective products or medicines.

Is it necessary to have the help of an attorney to pursue a personal injury claim?

The answer is emphatically yes. Although these types of procedures may seem, at first glance, quite simple, the reality is that they involve complicated tasks to be carried out by an inexperienced person, such as the negotiation between the affected worker and the company in the case of an accident at work.

For this type of situations in particular there are specialized lawyers, to find them, all you have to do is type, Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Philadelphia PA and numerous law firms specializing in this particular type of case will appear. Lawyers who have a proven track record and who have handled similar cases on multiple occasions.

The case of work accident is not the only one for which there is the possibility or for which it is necessary to have this help, for each type of personal injury claim there are expert lawyers. Their functions will consist of client orientation, drafting of the claim documents, negotiations with the parties involved and the inclusion of all the data and testimonial documents so that the compensation is adjusted as much as possible to the extent of the consequences of the accident.

What are the factors that influence compensation?

Compensation for personal injury is received in the form of payment of medical and pharmaceutical bills, compensation for the victim’s pain and suffering, recovery of the proportional part of the victim’s salary for the days he/she had to be off work, and compensation for the disruption of the personal and family life of the affected person.

How much time must pass from the accident until the claim is made?

From the moment in which the accident occurs, until the moment in which three years have passed since the accident, the person is in a position to make a claim for personal injuries.



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