7 Telltale Signs Urging You to Hire a Car Accident Attorney Right Away

Do you know close to 38,680 people died in motor vehicle accidents in the year 2020? The number of fatalities increased by 7.2% from the previous year.

The legal consequences of a road accident and the path to compensation are too complex to walk alone. If you’ve recently survived an accident and trying to decide whether you should take legal or action or not, the clock is ticking.

You need to make up your mind whether to hire a car accident attorney or not.

Here are 7 telltale signs urging you to hire a car accident attorney right away.

1. In Case You Sustained Catastrophic Injuries

Car accidents result in physical and emotional harm that makes it difficult to continue with your regular life. Victims who sustain catastrophic injuries may develop permanent disabilities and impairments.

In most cases, people experience a loss of wages as they can no longer work. Some require ongoing medical care, especially those who sustained permanent impairments.

If you sustained catastrophic injuries, you are entitled to compensation. A good car accident lawyer will work with you to get compensation for the emotional and physical pain suffered.

2. Fault Is Unclear

When an accident happens, it’s not always clear at first who was at fault. If the situation leads to a lawsuit, you require to have a lawyer to defend your interest.

Moreover, if you feel the liability is being shifted to you unfairly, it’s best to call in a car accident attorney.

In case it turns out you are at fault for the accident and the other party sustains injuries, you do not want to face the situation alone. Consult the best law firm near you and let them help you deal with the allegations head-on.

The law firm should ensure all evidence is reviewed in a lawsuit for fairness.

3. You Are Having Trouble Negotiating With Insurance

Insurance companies are reluctant to pay claims as their main goal is to protect their bottom line. In most scenarios, insurance companies offer low settlements or deny claims completely.

If you experience such after an accident, you need to talk to a lawyer before accepting anything the insurance company offers. This offers assurance you are not being short charged.

Also, if you are faced with no fault-insurance rules, you must negotiate with the insurance to get your rightful compensation. This takes a lot of time, dedication, and patience. A car accident attorney handles the negotiations on your behalf as you concentrate on healing.

Moreover, if the insurance adjuster mentions that you don’t require a lawyer, be wary. There is a high chance the adjuster is attempting to undervalue your claim.

Insurance claim adjusters protect the insurance company’s best interest, which is to avoid paying your claims.

In case you are not sure how much your injuries are worth, make sure you talk to an attorney before settling your claim.

4. In Case Your Child Was Injured in the Accident

Whenever a child is involved in a car accident, the injuries could result in physical, cognitive, and emotional impairments. A permanent disabling injury demands that you hire a lawyer.

If your child demands long-term healthcare requirements or is disabled, compensation must include future medical care and loss of a companion.

Receiving this type of compensation may be complicated, and that’s why you need to hire a lawyer to file your claim. The lawyer also handles all the case litigation aspects until the court approves a settlement.

5. A Government Entity Is Involved in the Accident

If a local government entity is to blame for the car accident, you don’t need a special type of lawyer to file the claim. You are only required to hire a car accident lawyer who has experience bringing claims against the government to just.

The regulations governing car accidents with government entities are exceptional. The deadline to file claims is shorter compared to other car accidents. Also, there is a cap on the amount of compensation you can receive.

Note: small court claims cannot sue federal government entities. You will require to file a claim for damages.

It’s best to call in an attorney when the case involves the government.

6. Your Car Crash Involved a Commercial Truck

Commercial truck accidents are complicated. Car accident lawyers understand the rules administering the trucking industry and how federal trucking regulations influence a car accident claim.

Evidence could be destroyed or lost during the accident unless you are quick to secure it. A good lawyer helps preserve data on the truck’s black box and other forms of evidence that might help prove liability.

Car accident lawyers are professionals who know how to collect crucial evidence and thoroughly review the case for a favorable outcome.

7. You Do Not Know How to File a Claim

To protect your interest, always contact a car accident lawyer immediately after the accident. Filling a claim may seem like an easy task, but in the real sense, it’s not. You need to understand your legal options and deadlines for filing lawsuits- the statute of limitations.

The statute of limitation varies from one state to another, and if you are short of ideas on how to proceed, it’s best to call in a lawyer. Missing the deadline to file a claim eliminates your right to hold the at-fault party responsible. This is a risk you cannot bear.

Injured in a Car Accident? Hire a Car Accident Attorney Today

When you are in a car accident, it’s best to have someone advocating for you. Family members tend to be grief-stricken and may not be of much help. The best person to advocate for you is a car accident lawyer.

In case any of these situations relate to what you are going through after a car accident, you need to talk to a car accident attorney right away. A good lawyer will answer all your questions and offer an estimate of your case’s value.

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