GameSpot Class Action Lawsuit

According to the GameSpot class action lawsuit, Gisler complained to Gamestop and requested that his whole order be delivered within a few days, but this attempt was unsuccessful. Gisler claims that he also received an email from the GameSpot website which indicated that the store would refund his purchased items if he returned them within seven days of purchase. Gisler never returned the purchases. The lawsuit states that GameSpot “has failed to provide adequate, clear and adequate communication to the plaintiffs about this defective merchandise.”

This lawsuit is filed by an anonymous GameSpot Class Action suit against Gisler. The complaint claims breach of contract by GameSpot. It claims that GameSpot did not properly describe its merchandise to the public as a breach of agreement.

This is just the latest in a long line of GameSpot Class Action suits. In June 2020, GameSpot settled a lawsuit with a customer who claimed to have received a defective product. In June of 2020, GameSpot received a class action suit from a customer who claims that they purchased defective merchandise. A class action suit against GameSpot has also been filed by customers in the past. GameSpot has denied these claims in the past and will most likely do so again.

In a previous article, I discussed Gamestop’s customer complaints about “shoddy” merchandise. Gamestop has been a frequent target of complaints about their defective merchandise and lack of customer service. The GameSpot class action lawsuit against Gisler and GameSpot could further escalate the situation.

The GameSpot class action suit against Gisler was filed on behalf of “John Doe.” The complaint does not indicate who John Doe is, nor where he lives or works. However, he claims to have bought an Xbox 360 Sable bundle at Gamestop on September 4, 2020. GameSpot was selling the Sable bundle at an unusual discount for a short period of time, and the plaintiff says that he received a defective bundle after the sale was completed.

The plaintiff states that a copy of the original receipt for the bundle included the original price, a notation about the discount, and a note that stated that the discount was available through September of 2020. He states that this was the same day that GameSpot sold his bundle for an unusually high price. The suit also states that GameSpot did not return the bundle when it was returned.

On October 7th, GameSpot sent an e-mail to the plaintiff that indicated, “We’re sorry if your bundle did not arrive or if you received a defective product. Unfortunately we cannot refund our merchandise unless it’s defective due to manufacturing errors”. On November 7th, GameSpot e-mailed back to the plaintiff, stating, “I would like to offer you another opportunity to purchase our Sable bundle if the original receipt is found.” A short time later, GameSpot e-mailed the plaintiff an e-mail stating that, “Our new shipment of Sable bundles arrived yesterday and you have received our package. You are welcome to buy our newest bundle”.

A GameSpot representative reached out to plaintiff through email about the status of the suit’s status on December 4th and indicated that the case would be turned over to a representative of the plaintiffs’ attorneys. If the suit is successfully resolved, the GameSpot representative indicated that the company will pay for the plaintiff’s legal fees.

This is a class action suit, which means that anyone who has purchased or rented a GameSpot product, including owners of gaming consoles such as Xbox 360 Sable bundle and Xbox 360 Slim bundle, will be able to bring suit in the case. Anyone who purchased a GameSpot gaming system online is not eligible. Additionally, people who purchased a GameSpot digital download of video games will not be allowed to join the suit.

The plaintiff and his attorney anticipate that this lawsuit will proceed in the court system for months, and possibly years. If the suit is resolved in favor of GameSpot, it could cost GameSpot significant financial losses, which could prevent the gaming giant from continuing in operation. or even shutting down. This could also mean the loss of numerous jobs, especially if GameSpot can’t continue to sell game systems and accessories.

If the class action suit proceeds, the plaintiffs may ultimately receive a settlement, however it remains to be seen how much they may receive, as the amount will depend on the nature of the case and any mitigating factors that may be present. If this class action suit continues for a long time, it is possible that GameSpot could be forced to close its doors.

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