Frontier Communications Class Action Lawsuit California

A lawsuit is being filed against Frontier Communications by a disgruntled customer who says the cable company charges higher than the agreed upon rate for their phone, video, and internet services. The complaint states, “Frontier is currently charging customers who are not members at rates far above what they agreed. They’re doing this by charging them with hidden costs, like long distance rates, for services they’ve already paid for.”

In a class-action lawsuit filed in San Diego County court, the complaint claims Frontier is using “false and deceptive practices to inflate its rates.” According to the complaint, Frontier’s “rate calculations are based on a number of different factors, including the location of each subscriber (their zip code), how many subscribers have already paid to their cable company, their monthly phone usage and even their credit card usage.” The complaint goes on to say that these factors are then used to calculate the rates to which the customers are charged. If the lawsuit is successful, the customers’ rates will be reduced.

Frontier Communications has yet to respond. So far, the company has maintained that it offers “no hidden fees,” that it is required to use only the same method in determining its rates as it does when determining other prices for its services, that customers are notified of their monthly service charges in an easy to read format, and that it informs customers of any changes in pricing.

Some customers have found a way to get around the fees, though. One class-action lawsuit filed in San Francisco County Superior Court says that a group of customers is being affected by a change in billing policies at Frontier. The complaint states that the change was put into place in 2020, and that customers now receive two bills for services rendered.

Customers are then told that they will need to pay one bill and then submit an invoice to pay another. The complaint says this can lead customers to believe that they must pay more than they have to for the services rendered. If the customers are not able to pay their second bill, the bank closes their account. After the account is closed, customers cannot re-open it without first getting approval from the company.

There are several complaints about the second billing process. Customers have complained that they are asked to send in the second bill along with a copy of the original agreement, or with a letter explaining why the original agreement was signed, and then that the second bill must be paid right away. The complaint also says the original agreement does not state that there is a time period for paying the second bill.

Frontier Communications declined to answer questions about the lawsuit, stating, “Frontier Communications complies with all California laws regarding privacy and billing, as well as all laws regarding customer information. Any questions regarding customer service can be directed to our lawyers.” It did point out that it has updated its pricing system and that customers are always given the option of paying for more than what they currently owe.

Customers who are unable to pay their second bill and wish to try to collect from Frontier should contact the company. In the past, Frontier has settled hundreds of claims over the issue of late fees and overages. This is done to help customers who have been hit with excessive overage charges.

Frontier Communications also has a policy on customer complaints. This is called Customer Satisfaction Guaranty, which is designed to ensure that customers do not become upset with Frontier because they have received too many calls or emails.

When customers do become upset, they have the right to file a claim to get their customer’s satisfaction issues resolved. Frontier’s customer satisfaction policy can also provide additional information to customers regarding claims that have been filed against it.

Frontier Communications has been in the communications business since the 1930s, and has been the subject of a number of lawsuits, including one in 2020. That resulted in a settlement that was said to be in the millions of dollars. For more information, check out Frontier Communications’ website. For more details, check out our site, which includes consumer-oriented articles, product reviews, and legal advice.

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