Werner Enterprises Class Action Lawsuit

What You Need To Know About the Class Action Lawsuit Against Werner Enterprises

Recently a law firm in Wisconsin has launched a new series of cases that is being referred to as the Werner Enterprises Class Action Lawsuit. This is one of the most prominent firms of its kind within the state of Wisconsin and claims to have litigated some of the nation’s most infamous class-action lawsuits, including those from OJ Simpson, Donald Trump and Enron. No doubt about it, this legal team is headed by sharp legal minds and wits.

The company is headed by John W. Werner, a graduate of the University of Michigan Law School who also served time as an assistant practicing law with another firm.

He is considered a hands-on litigation specialist and has overseen the development of the class action concept. Class actions are generally seen as being in the form of individual suits or as a class of people filing a lawsuit against a common corporate entity. However, when a law firm brings a class action suit under this heading, they are attempting to assert rights that may not be available to them as an individual plaintiff.

One of the class actions that have been brought under the Werner Enterprises Class Action Lawsuit, is that of Phillip J. Gann, who was employed as a general contractor in the area of Bellagio, Las Vegas and Seven Hills, California. Mr. Gann was a franchisee of the Landmark Entertainment Company, which was owned by the Coors Companies at that point in time. He was paid a commission for working at the casino owned by Coors and in turn was owed a percentage of any money that was won by the various casinos operated there. As per a class action suit filed against the Coors Companies, Mr. Gann was granted class action status and brought into the lawsuit as its lead plaintiff.

The lawyers for this legal team have certainly gone the extra mile in putting together a case that could have a domino effect on similar lawsuits being brought in the future.

What is interesting about the way in which this case has been handled is the fact that legal teams have gone out of their way to make the case as objective and unbiased as possible. This would be an understatement. Having a group of attorneys on your side who have your best interests at heart will go a long way towards ensuring that you come out the winner in this lawsuit.

Lawyers in this case have gone all out in making sure that the legal team has prepared the facts and exhibits in a way where the court can easily see that the facts support the complaint that has been filed against the enterprise.

Most people have no idea of what to expect from the discovery phase of any case, let alone what to expect in this case. Having a legal team that is on your side from day one will go a long way in ensuring that you win this case. It is important to note that the discovery phase in this case did not drag on over four months. It was resolved very quickly and the case was concluded a few weeks ago.

The attorneys representing the plaintiffs in this case went all out in putting forth a strong defense for the plaintiffs.

There were literally dozens of legal documents that were filed in court filings, and many depositions were held. Not to mention the fact that business owners actually flew in from all over the country to be part of the legal proceedings. All of this effort and expense paid off in a big way when the court finally agreed with the plaintiffs and the enterprise owners and ruled in their favor.

The defense in this case made a lot of very good points and laid out a series of events that took place over a six month period.

It showed how the enterprise tried to avoid paying taxes, how the business was investigated by the IRS and audited, and finally how the enterprise owners tried to get the US District Court to nullify the lawsuit by filing bankruptcy. These are real issues that face businesses all over the country and unfortunately, in this case, the defendants chose to ignore them. You can imagine how the court felt. This is why you need to be careful who you choose to represent you when you go after the enterprise-based litigation.

If the law firm representing you is from Wisconsin, you will want to find one that is based there. This will help them to be as familiar with the laws and procedures that govern the state. There are several law firms in Wisconsin that specialize in class action cases like yours. Spend some time looking at various law firms. You don’t want to end up working with someone whose only experience has been in the big Wisconsin companies.

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