Wrongful Imprisonment

Understanding Wrongful Imprisonment and How to Fight It

Approximately 1% of the US prison population has been wrongly convicted. Wrongful imprisonment is a miscarriage of justice and if you or somebody you know has been wrongly convicted, you have to seek a reprieve.

Not only that, a good lawyer can get restitution for wrongful imprisonment. If you are ready to begin crusading for justice for yourself or a loved one read on to understand more about wrongful imprisonment and how to fight it.

Understanding Wrongful Imprisonment

Wrongful imprisonment is a slight on our justice system. Founding father Benjamin Franklin warned against it in a letter to a colleague in 1785 writing:

“It is better 100 guilty persons should escape than one innocent person should suffer.”

His thoughts were echoed by fellow founding father John Adams. As did other notable historical figures such as Otto Von Bismarck and Dick Cheney, albeit the latter is in a much more sinister context.

The idea of having a justice system that prevents wrongful imprisonment is so important that it has been dubbed “Blackstone’s Ratio” by legal scholars.

Understanding wrongful imprisonment means understanding how the justice system has failed to such a degree that it has forsaken this sacred legal tenant.

It means diving into the world of for-profit prisons, institutionalized racism, questionable policing practices, and a system that benefits from a large amount of incarcerated individuals.

It also means analyzing a bureaucratic mess of a system that is so bogged down by its red tape that it is often incapable of functioning.

In other words, if you or somebody you know has been wrongfully convicted it is best to seek out the help of a lawyer. Only a professional can wade through all of the legal muck and get you the justice you deserve.

Building Your Case

Your primary objective in hiring a lawyer should be getting yourself or the wrongfully imprisoned individual freed from confinement. Find a lawyer who specializes in wrongful conviction to help increase your chances.

After that, you will want to seek compensation for all of the psychological consequences of wrongful conviction and imprisonment. Going to prison can leave people with emotional and physical scars.

Document any injuries or mental trauma that prison brought on. That way a lawyer can monetize it in your case and get you the justice you deserve. Keep in mind that you can never get the time back from your imprisonment.

If you are innocent, society owes you a debt for the time you spent imprisoned under false incrimination. Get that debt paid today by hiring the right lawyer to go to bat for you in your time of need.

Fight Wrongful Imprisonment

Wrongful imprisonment is an injustice that soils our democratic system and destroys many lives across the nation. If you or somebody you know is a victim of wrongful imprisonment get the justice you deserve today.

The only way you can do this is to hire a lawyer. Get the right one today and move on with your life. For all of your other legal news and information make sure to check out the rest of our page.

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