Sexual Assault

Get the Best Sexual Assault Lawyer: 6 Must-Have Qualities to Look For

Sexual assault is a harrowing experience. Seeking legal accountability can further exacerbate your emotions.

Although beginning this process can be stressful, many lawyers would be happy to take your case. A good sexual assault attorney will act as a support system that validates your experience and fights to have your story legally honored.

But what exactly is a good sexual assault lawyer? A nuanced search will get you closer to your answer.

Here are six qualities you should look for in the perfect attorney. Afterward, you’ll have the tools necessary to move forward with your search.

1. Experience

When searching for an attorney, you want to find someone with a positive reputation. You can look at Google reviews or attorney review sites for testimonies from attorneys’ previous clients.

2. Affordability

Not all clients can afford premium rates, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find quality legal services. Some attorneys have different rate options, and might even offer payment plans.

Be honest about your financial circumstances. You will eventually find an attorney that can work around your needs.

3. Sexual Assault Specialization

If you had a personal injury lawyer in mind, search for services that center on sexual assault instead. Personal injury lawyers can technically take your case, but they might not be able to represent your case properly.

Sexual assault attorneys will understand the specific legal nuances of sexual assault cases. They’ll also have experiences with cases like yours, and will be more prepared to implement effective actionable strategies.

4. Specialized Sexual Assault Services

Your case might need even more specialization depending on the circumstances surrounding it. There’s a lawyer for Catholic clergy child abuse, workplace discrimination, etc. Understanding the specific circumstances of your case can help you perfect your search.

5. Communication

Talking about your experience with sexual assault can be very vulnerable. You might feel like you’re opening up to a stranger. But telling your attorney about your experience will help them build a case that achieves your desired accountability.

If you don’t feel comfortable talking about your experience with an attorney, take your time to become comfortable. You might even want to seek a therapist to process your emotions about your experience before seeking legal representation. When you’re ready, your prospective lawyer will be ready to strategize on your behalf.

6. Integrity and Character

Last but certainly not least, your attorney should be as kind as they are calculated. Sexual assault is difficult to even think about, so your attorney should be compassionate and have integrity. These qualities are equally important as strategic ability.

Your first impression of your lawyer will heavily inform you about their character. Trust your gut if you feel like they’re not the right fit for you. Their ability to foster a positive attorney-client relationship will directly affect your case.

Search for Your Sexual Assault Lawyer With Confidence

Finding a sexual assault lawyer can be taxing. But having that right attorney by your side will help you achieve accountability. The process will be more rewarding than it will be stressful.

When you’re ready, find the legal services that can give you optimal results. You have your pick of attorneys to choose from — they’re just waiting to hear from you.

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