TP Orthodontics Lawsuit

What Is the TMJ Orthodontics Lawsuit?

A Tp Osteopathic lawsuit is an Orthodontic lawsuit. It’s one of the most common types of lawsuits. They are usually filed by the patients who are dissatisfied with the results of their orthodontic treatment. In a typical scenario, they will file the lawsuit after their treatment has been refused again. Most of the time, they are given the runaround or told that the dentist has great confidence in his treatment or that he is the best orthodontist available.

TP Orthodontics Lawsuit

Many people become a plaintiff through no fault of their own. They have a problem with their teeth, but refuse to take care of them for whatever reason. In most cases, the dentist will diagnose them with Osteoporosis or will advise them to do certain things to prevent further deterioration of their teeth. When they don’t comply, or if they do not get the recommended treatment, they will file a Tp Osteo lawsuit against the dentist.

There are many different aspects of this lawsuit.

One is that the patient is trying to recoup damages for what they believe is negligence on the part of the dentist. For example, if they went to a second or third dentist, but the treatment they received there was less than satisfactory, then they can claim punitive damages. Also, they could be looking for damages due to their chronic pain resulting from the improper treatment.

Another aspect of the lawsuit deals with the results obtained from the orthodontic visits. Most people find that the first visit did not work well enough. They were informed of the procedure and what to expect. However, during the second visit the dentist decided to perform a different procedure. This caused more damage because it was done in a hurry, which obviously influenced the results.

During the third visit, the orthodontist changed his mind again.

Instead of doing what was recommended, he performed root planing. This was a terrible mistake. It caused severe bone decay and an infection in one of his nerves. This ultimately cost the plaintiff a tremendous amount of money.

There are other aspects to the lawsuit as well. For example, the oral surgeon never told the patient that the problem with their bite wasn’t dental, but only orthodontic. Even worse, he never explained the surgery would involve putting braces on the jaw, which is quite common. If this surgery had been successful, there would have been no need for the patient to wear braces.

When talking about the costs, it is quite amazing that the oral surgeon decided to work without insurance.

Typically dentist charges around thirty-five dollars per visit, which works out to about five hundred dollars. Obviously this wasn’t much money when the patient needed thousands of dollars to pay for the lawsuit.

This particular orthodontic case might have been different had the oral surgeon asked for insurance before performing the work. As you can see, this lawsuit isn’t just about money. It’s about changing the world of oral surgeons and gaining a good reputation. Hopefully it will also change the way orthodontic specialists look at working without insurance.

The story starts when an innocent man went to a cosmetic dentist. He was a kid still, who needed some help with his bite. Naturally, the dentist couldn’t fix the jaw problem he was having because it was still too young. Instead, he suggested he get braces to fix the issue. Of course, the orthodontics lawsuit says the oral surgeon should have warned the man that the braces would be painful and cause damage to other parts of the face. Because of this, the orthodontist worked in conjunction with a “so-called” expert to do the treatment.

As you can probably imagine, this wasn’t going well.

This is when the lawsuit came into the picture. Apparently the “so-called” expert showed the man’s teeth, that they were far from perfect, and that it would take a while to get the jaw in proper place. The orthodontic’s lawsuit says the patient didn’t really need braces, and that it was just easier to use them. The court didn’t buy this reasoning, and now the dental practice is being sued.

In the end, the dentist did nothing wrong. This is why the lawsuit is being filed in the first place. The dentist knew something was wrong with the patient’s bite, but didn’t do anything about it. So he did a poor job, and the patient ended up with an inferior jaw. Now, this isn’t something you want to hear about, but it happens all the time.

If you have had problems with your teeth, you may think that it will be impossible to avoid orthodontics. But, as stated before, this is not true. The lawsuit, you are about to file is for compensation for pain and damage you suffered because of your defective bite. The TMJ Orthodontics lawsuit should prove to the courts that you are owed compensation for this pain and suffering. There is no reason to wait for your jaw to go back to normal, so get started now.

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