Uber-Related Accident

Top 4 Red Flags You Might Have Noticed in an Uber-Related Accident

An Uber accident lawyer specializes in representing those injured in Uber-related accidents. While any attorney will be eager to help, the best thing you can hope for is to avoid an Uber-related accident. When starting a consultation with your attorney, there are some red flags about your driver you’ll want to remember. Here’s what you’ll want to bring up when you prepare a case to get compensation for Uber accident-related injuries.

Unstable Emotions

Look for signs of emotional instability when you get going in your Uber. Be wary of drivers whose emotions run wild. The driver could be suffering from the loss of a loved one, a conflict at work, or even a family matter that could jeopardize their driving. If you notice your driver crying, then laughing, starting conversations with disturbing topics, or showing extreme duress through their speech, consider stopping the ride and requesting another ride for your own safety. Extreme emotional duress is a clear sign your driver might not be fit to drive.

Did You Get Into an Accident Due to an Aggressive Uber Driver? Hire an Uber Accident Attorney Today

If you ever get into an accident, there’s a good chance your driver showed aggressive body language at some point in the ride. But getting hurt in an Uber-related accident isn’t enough to earn you compensation for your suffering; you need proof. Legally, your Uber driver has a responsibility to complete his duties. If he doesn’t, and you suffer, then, and only then, do you have what’s needed to pursue a case.

Remember, violent, angry, and aggressive body language jeopardizes the safety of both passenger and driver. But it happens. Fewer background checks are one reason research from Wall Street Zen shows Uber rides may be dangerous, even more so than taxi rides. You won’t know who your driver is, so if you notice threatening or abusive language, those behaviors are indicators of trouble to come. If you get into an accident because of an aggressive driver, now is the time to consider hiring an Uber accident lawyer.

Signs of Intoxication

Never continue a ride with a driver who you think is intoxicated. If your driver is swaying, speaks too loud, is sweating, paranoid, hallucinating, or shows a demeanor that suggests drug use, you’re in the wrong car. Alcohol use slows down your body and mind, causing difficulty with how a driver can react in time to sudden changes on the road. If your driver’s eyes are bloodshot, their speech is slurred, or they appear to be drowsy, stop the ride.  Nothing is more dangerous on the road than an impaired driver, so, be safe. When communicating with an attorney, you’ll definitely want to point out signs of intoxication if you have hope of winning compensation.

Erratic Driving

Your driver should show throughout the ride that they know how to obey the laws of driving. Driving too fast, switching lanes too quickly, or stopping suddenly are signs of erratic driving. If your driver wasn’t paying attention to the road, there’s a good chance you’ll remember that by the time you get in front of your attorney.

A driver who is deliberately driving erratically may be having fun doing so. So, you should always explain to your Uber accident lawyer if you notice signs of dangerous driving. Drivers who drive erratically may simply be inexperienced. However, one of many interesting statistics from Tech Jury shows 84.8 percent of Uber drivers are older than 41. Therefore, it’s the driver’s responsibility to make sure they’re fit and skilled enough to operate a vehicle on the road.

Hire an Attorney for an Uber-Related Accident Today

If you’re suffering from an injury related to an Uber accident, then now is the time to call an attorney. A consultation might be all you need to get started on your way to seeking accountability for the accident. Rather than wait another day, contact an Uber accident lawyer to make your days ahead more financially stable. You’ll be glad you did, knowing that your case helps keep the roads safer for people to drive

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