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Three Types of Legal Supplies for Your Practice

Running a law firm is a complex task. It takes a great practice manager to make sure the firm is busy, but that the partners aren’t taking on more cases than they can handle without losing the quality of their work. Especially because it’s not as simple as x number of cases per lawyer – some cases take more or less work, depending on what they involve.

And on that note, more complicated cases also take more materials. They take more time and expertise, but also more papers, forms, folders, and notarized documents. As the practice manager, it’s your job to make sure you have enough of those things on hand, without exceeding your budget or storage space.

With the supply chain issues the whole world is having right now, it’s better to err on the side of caution and make sure you not only have enough supplies for a few months but have a legal office supply store you trust, who has backstock as well. In light of that, we’ve put together a list of three sets of legal supplies we’d never want to run out of, below.

1. Secure Storage Space

When you’re working with people’s legal cases, you’re either handling the very private details of their lives or their deepest darkest secrets – or both. And as great as Google Drive or Apple Cloud are, they’re not the right place for you to store that kind of data. Those services are for the general consumer, who may have to change a few of their personal passwords if there’s a breach, but will otherwise be fine.

You need secure cloud storage that’s watched over by professionals, has multiple forms of security and is located at a secure site. You can find these professional secure server companies on the internet, but your best bet is to inquire what services firms you’re friendly with use. There’s a cost associated, but it’s pennies compared to what you’d lose if there was a serious data breach.

2. Notary Supplies

In the worst-case scenario, you could print papers on regular mailing-type paper, forgoing legal size. But without a notary and the proper supplies, you won’t be able to file much with the court or other regulatory agencies. Thankfully most notary stamps are no longer carbon rubbed but use permanent ink – which you don’t want to run out of.

Your notary on staff should not be responsible for the supplies, other than their personal stamp. Make sure they have everything they need from

3. Front of House Supplies

When your client comes into your firm, they’re not usually at their most relaxed. That’s why the best firms have a large range of complimentary items they offer them in the foyer to ease their nerves. This ranges from espresso capsules, cups, sodas, snacks, and, depending on the occasion, sometimes even champagne!

Making sure you have something to offer your clients seems small, but it’s part of your first impression, and they will remember if you do.

The Best Legal Supplies for Your Firm

Clearly, it takes more than just good cyber security, notary supplies, and front of house offerings to run a law firm, but those three things can really make a difference in how your firm operates and what your clients think of you. With the current supply chain shortages, try to make sure you have at least 2-3 months of extra legal supplies on hand.

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