Samsung Ice Maker Class Action Lawsuit

Samsung refrigerators have been plagued by problems with their ice makers. Thousands of consumers have reported the ice-making system has a high failure rate, leading to leaks and a stuck icy bucket. This is a problem that has led to a class-action lawsuit. While Samsung has not stated the class action lawsuit, they have told ABC Action News that they will be happy to provide any information they need from consumers.

The company has not issued a recall for the product but is investigating the complaints.

The Indiana Attorney General’s Office has been investigating complaints but does not routinely identify them. However, this has not stopped the class action lawsuit from moving forward. Currently, the case is going through mediation, and Tom O’Shea, a consumer advocate, has posted YouTube videos on the issue to help people get a refund.

The Indiana Attorney General’s Office has launched multiple investigations related to consumer complaints about the refrigerators, but the office does not regularly identify consumer complaints. As of May 2017, there has been no recall by the company for the ice makers. As a result, the company is dealing with a class-action lawsuit related to the ice maker. In the meantime, the attorney general’s office and the Indiana Department of Consumer Affairs are coordinating their investigation.

Samsung has denied the allegations in the lawsuit, but the court case will likely go forward.

This class action lawsuit relates to residential refrigerators with a built-in dispenser and leaks. This complaint focuses on the model numbers RF23HCEDB, RF323TEDB, and RF34H9950. This litigation will continue to be resolved until it reaches a final decision.

Although there have not been any recalls, Samsung has not issued any recalls for the ice maker. It has also failed to address consumers’ complaints, and in some cases, this means that it can no longer serve its purpose. As a result, consumers are filing this lawsuit in hopes of getting full refunds from the company. Whether they will be able to recover their money through this action depends on whether the manufacturer has responded to the complaints.

The lawsuit cites the problem as one of the major causes of the refrigerator’s ice maker malfunction.

According to the suit, Samsung has failed to offer consumers a replacement or repair after they report problems with the icemaker. Additionally, the complaint notes that while Samsung did not issue a recall for the ICE maker, it did issue a service bulletin in July 2015 that elaborated on the problems consumers have reported.

Despite this, Samsung has not voluntarily recalled the icemaker, and it has not even offered consumers any assistance for a refund. In the meantime, many consumers have tried to get refunds by contacting the manufacturer, but they have not been successful. This class action lawsuit is now in mediation. If Samsung does not respond to the lawsuit, then it is not responsible for the faulty product.

The lawsuit has been filed against Samsung for not offering a free replacement or repair.

Instead, the company has failed to provide adequate service after consumers filed a suit. It does not offer a free service to consumers who have a problem with their ice maker. While Samsung has offered a free service for some consumers, the company has yet to offer refunds for many. It is not clear whether the company has responded to the claims or will settle them.

The lawsuit is currently in mediation, but thousands of consumers have filed similar claims. The company has not issued a recall or offered a free replacement, but has received multiple consumer complaints. The manufacturer’s failure to issue a recall or offer a free replacement has been blamed for the ice makers’ inability to keep the refrigerator cool. In addition to the icemaker, the plaintiffs have also requested the replacement of the refrigerator’s ice maker.

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