Prisoner Transport Services Lawsuit

Transport Services Lawsuit – Protects Your Rights in Prison

Lawsuits related to prisoner transport are a familiar subject for anyone who has worked in the industry. The prisoner transport industry has existed for decades and thousands of claims have been awarded by a jury in recent years. While there are many factors that go into deciding if a lawsuit can be successful, the most important one is that the plaintiff must prove that they suffered an injury as a result of the negligence of the defendant. The first step in pursuing such a claim would be to file a prisoner transport injury claim form with the State or County that issued the driver’s license to the driver. The form can be obtained from the state’s motor vehicle department. If the form is lost or destroyed, contact the motor vehicle department to have a replacement obtained.

Once the forms are filed, the plaintiff should research the laws governing prisoner transport and any special rules that may apply to the incident.

If there are no special rules, there are several resources that the plaintiff may utilize in order to learn about the process of filing a lawsuit. Prisoner transport lawyers, publications and internet websites focusing on prisoner transport issues are a few avenues to pursue.

One option available to a plaintiff is to consult with an attorney who specializes in work injury claims.

This attorney would take on the case pro Bono to save the client money. The attorney would use the results of the medical tests and other data available to determine whether or not compensation for their injury could be pursued. Since the medical care of prisoners can be inadequate, some compensation may not be recovered. Legal fees would be added to the compensation to cover these expenses. The cost of obtaining an attorney would depend on the extent of the injury.

Prisoners transport services have insurance policies in place to protect against accidents.

If your law firm is not aware of the existence of these insurance policies or if you do not believe that your company has adequate protection, then you should request information from your transportation services carrier. You should also be prepared to present a list of personal injury claims which have been successful in the past. Many successful cases were settled outside of court, however sometimes the litigation process does require a lengthy court battle.

In addition to having an attorney on your side there are other steps you can take. Prisoners transport services frequently provide wheelchair lifts to ensure the safe transportation of your client. It is important to contact your lawyer immediately to make sure that the wheelchair lift provided by your prisoner transport service meets all regulations and safety requirements. If you are unable to return to your original location, there may be further issues to contend with.

Before your transport services carrier sends you to prison, it is important to have a copy of the prisoner’s criminal record and any other documents which could affect your ability to sue.

Having access to these documents will also make it easier to obtain compensation. Once you are safely in jail, contact your lawyer and arrange to meet with them. They will evaluate your case and help you prepare for your trip.

Most lawyers provide free transportation services.

However, there are often times when your lawyer might bill you for additional mileage. Not having to worry about additional charges is ideal if you are already going to be spending a lot of time in jail. The cost of your transport services are not covered by any insurance provided by your provider. Contact your lawyer if you have any questions regarding these fees.

When you are transporting someone else who is seriously injured or sick, you need to take very special care. There are many restrictions placed on the type and amount of medications that can be taken with the prisoner. These medications must be clearly documented so that you can prove that they were received while in jail. To facilitate this, it is imperative that you keep a proper log detailing your every move from the time you pick up your passenger until you arrive at your final destination.

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