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Medical Malpractice Documents to Have When Meeting Your Lawyer

Are you planning to file a medical malpractice claim in Concord, North Carolina?

Even the most accomplished medical malpractice lawyer can have a hard time trying to win. According to a law review published in March 2019, only 30.1 percent of such claims in North Carolina received an indemnity payment.

How do you tip things in your favor? The key to winning a medical malpractice case, or any lawsuit for that matter, is proof.

You need to provide medical malpractice documents and other relevant information to your lawyer. That’s how you can help your attorney prepare for the case to have a good chance of coming out on top.

Below is a checklist of documents you should gather for your medical malpractice claim.

Most Important Medical Malpractice Documents: Medical Records

What do you need to prove medical malpractice? In general, your lawyer must prove that the medical treatment didn’t meet the expected standard of care. Because of the substandard treatment, you were harmed.

Medical malpractice and personal injury lawyers build their cases around the medical record. They can show medical records in court that demonstrate negligent care and argue that negligence led to harm.

For example, let’s say that you want to sue your doctor for performing surgery at the wrong site. Your medical records should have the date, time, surgery site, procedures followed, and other relevant details. A review of the medical records can reveal any violations, missed steps, or errors that resulted in injuries or harm.

Suppose you’re finding it difficult to obtain your medical records. In that case, talk to your lawyer and ask them to get copies on your behalf.

Hospital Bills and Expenses

Always keep copies of your medical bills. These will help your lawyer establish costs and damages.

If you win your case, you’re entitled to damages for all expenses you incurred due to the medical malpractice. The law will also compensate you for out-of-pocket costs not covered by your health insurance.

Insurance Information

Any documents related to your insurance coverage will also support your claim. Your attorney may find out if the health care provider denied you certain treatments covered by your insurance. Or they may discover that you were billed for procedures and treatments that were not needed.

Your insurance information can also ascertain who paid for what medical expense. If you win, your provider may be entitled to subrogation or reimbursement of the bills they paid for your treatment.

Proof of Lost Income

Medical malpractice can often result in injury that stops you from working or makes you unemployable. You may be entitled to damages for lost wages and lost earning capacity.

Your attorney will need to prove that this, in fact, happened, but they’ll need documentary evidence. You can provide them with pay stubs or wage records from your former employer. Your lawyer can also request these documents from your employer if you don’t have them.

Help Your Lawyer Help You in Concord, North Carolina

Your attorney will need all relevant medical malpractice documents that you can provide. It’s tough to prove a medical malpractice claim in Concord, NC, but you’ll have a stronger case if you can secure these documents.

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