Lawsuits Against Gardasil.

Lawsuits Against PetMate Over Dog Health Problems

When it comes to dog and pet health issues, lawsuits against companies are pretty high on the list of things that people are upset about. These lawsuits are usually brought by owners who were not properly informed about Gardasil and the effect that it would have on their dogs. The lawsuits themselves can be quite lengthy, stretching into many months and years, and even into the tens of thousands of dollars. In some cases, especially involving young children, there is often physical injury inflicted upon the child as a result of the Gardasil vaccine. This is a particularly painful situation that involves the devastating injury of a child’s face being shattered into pieces.

It is no wonder that these lawsuits have become all the rage with both the medical community and the general public.

More people are becoming aware that they have this amazing new medication available, and so the lawsuits are meriting their efforts. The problems began when those who had been vaccinated decided to share the new medication with their un Vaccinated pets. In other words, they decided to keep their un Vaccinated dogs and cats in the same cage as their Gardasil-coated pets.

This is where the lawsuits against PetMate came into play.

The lawsuits against this manufacturer, PetMate, have been largely based on the contention that they knowingly and negligently caused serious injury to many dogs that received Gardasil shots. Even though these vaccines were approved and heavily promoted by the FDA, there was never any warning that Gardasil could cause these types of reactions. There were also never any warning labels that said these reactions could happen. It was only after the lawsuits that PetMate released a statement acknowledging that the Gardasil vaccine had never caused such harm. However, they are still fighting these lawsuits in an attempt to cover their legal costs, which could easily top tens of thousands of dollars.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, however.

Many other pet ailments have come under fire from this manufacturer and their manufacturing company, including kidney failure, liver failure, and arthritis, among other things. There are more reported cases of these types of ailments in dogs now than ever before. It’s truly an epidemic.

The unfortunate thing about all of these cases is that so many of them can be prevented.

As the owner of a dog or cat, you should know that giving your pet a regular check up will go a long way towards preventing some of these injuries. You should also know that homeopathic remedies are highly effective in treating many of the conditions associated with dogs. These remedies work to strengthen your dog’s immune system, which allows them to better fight off illness.

As the owner of a pet dog, it is up to you to protect them.

Don’t let fear of lawsuits prevent you from getting the very best care for your beloved pet. Consult with a dog behavior specialist, who will give you the information you need to keep your dog healthy.

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