How to Select Personal Injury Lawyers: Everything You Need to Know

In 2019, there were 48.3 million injuries. Victims often find themselves with huge financial burdens when they have to take time off of work, go see the doctor, and take medications. Not to mention, sometimes, the aftermath of the injuries follows them around for life.

This is why if you’ve been injured, you need to fight for your rights and pursue a personal injury case. To do this, you should have a good lawyer by your side.

Below, we’ll show you how to select personal injury lawyers so you stand a chance in court.

Get Referrals

There’s a very good chance someone in your social circle has filed a personal injury case before. If that’s the case, take advantage of this and ask around for referrals.

This is also a good opportunity to ask them what they liked/disliked about their lawyer. They might even be able to warn you against using a particular attorney.

Search Online and Look at Reviews

With the internet, you can find numerous personal injury lawyers near you in just a few seconds. Look at your top options and then look at their references and reviews.

You’ll want to select only those that have excellent reviews, such as This means they have a proven and consistent track record for successful cases!

Look at Their Experience

When looking at your options for lawyers, you’ll want someone with more years of experience. Not only do these professionals need extensive knowledge, but they also need hands-on experience in order to win your case.

Make sure they’re experienced in personal injuries as well. Some attorneys have many areas of expertise; some might have 20 years of experience in estate law but only 5 years in personal injuries. You’ll also want to pick someone that specializes in your particular type of personal injury, such as auto injury or medical malpractice.

Compare Prices

Comparing lawyer fees is vital since they’re not cheap. What they charge and cover will say a lot about whether they’re not a reliable lawyer.

For instance, if you have a legitimate case, then your lawyer should usually cover the case’s expenses. If they don’t do this, then it might be a red flag that they’re not doing well financially.

As for the contingency fee, most will charge you around 33%. If your case is regarding medical malpractice or wrongful death, then expect that to increase to 40%.

Personal injury is no joke, so don’t try to go cheap here. The quality and reputation of the lawyer should matter more than how much they take out of your settlement.

Select Personal Injury Lawyers of the Highest Quality

With our tips, you’ll be able to select personal injury lawyers that’ll advocate for you in court. You might have to pay a little more for these professionals, but it’ll definitely be worth it when you see the results!

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