5 Steps To Bailing A Family Member Out From Jail

When someone you care about is arrested, you are likely to want to help them get out as soon as possible. The accused should go before a judge for arraignment. At this time, the official decides if the defendant may pay bail and get out or must remain within custody. If you want to assist in the process, it’s important to understand how to bail someone out of jail Philadelphia PA. The following are steps to expedite the process.

1. Research Bondsmen

When the arrest occurs, begin looking into an establishment that specializes in posting bail. Locations are usually close to the jail. Research online for a place that is easy to work with and knows the system well. Different forms of bond are possible, so speak with the agent about options that work for this case and your financial situation.

2. Understand The Charges

What is your loved one charged with? How much is bail likely to be? Be aware of this because the factors could impact how much the judge requests for release. If other conditions are stipulated, you should note them and be prepared to support the defendant in following the rules.

3.  Locate Capital

You won’t have to post the entire bail. The bondsmen assist in covering that; however, you may need funds to prove seriousness and validity. Think about your accounts and assets. You may have to take money from a savings account or use the mortgage on the house as collateral.

4. Complete Paperwork

Pay the downpayment, and fill out forms as needed to secure the loan or bond. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. The agency can walk you through the entire event so that you feel comfortable with the decision. These papers are essential for release. They also prove your agreement. Like any contract, keep documents somewhere easily accessible and safe.

5. Pick up Your Family Member

With the documents completed, head to the facility to pick up your family member. Be sure to have copies of your payment and any legal documents. If you have legal counsel, feel free to ask this person to come along.  Remember to follow court protocols when you get home. Remain in town, and refrain from illegal activities.

You may not have expected to bail someone out of jail, but don’t let the unexpected occasion throw you off. Call around to find a bondsman that can help, and then work to secure financial assistance.

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