Bicycle Accident

5 Things People Must Know About Being In A Bicycle Accident

Bicycles are a wonderful means of transportation in Miami, and it is great for the environment too. If you love what it does to the world and all that it keeps safe, then choosing to ride a bicycle as much as possible can be a great idea. However, the truth is that life is unpredictable and people have bicycle accidents all the time. Here are the 5 important things everyone must know about being in a bicycle accident.

#1: Dial 911

The first thing you must know is that no matter how much you are hurt, you must place a call to 911 and ask for medical attention. It is something any Miami bicycle accident lawyer will advise you to do. This starts a whole number of things. First, you get the treatment you need. Second, it records the event of the accident. Third, it gets you records that will be useful when you file an insurance claim.

#2: Take Pictures

If you are not very injured, it is a good idea to start taking pictures of the scene of the accident. This will act as evidence and you will find it useful in the long run. You can take pictures of yourself, other people on the scene as well as any problems with the bicycle and skid marks on the road and things like that. All this can come in very useful when you speak to an attorney for filing an insurance claim.

#3: Get an Attorney

The next thing you must do is hire an attorney for the same. This is crucial because it means that you are on the right footing. If you know that your accident was due to someone else’s fault, then it is your right as a citizen to file an insurance claim. This takes legal know-how and something that only an attorney can provide.

Choose the best attorney you can find if you have sustained significant injuries because of someone else’s fault. This way you will be able to get the maximum compensation possible.

#4: State of the Accident

The next thing you must be aware of is that though there is no law against being inebriated while riding a bicycle in most states, it may drive down your compensation if you are looking to file an insurance claim. That is why understanding exactly where you stand and how it is going to affect your claim is necessary.

#5: Don’t Share Details

Don’t share anything with anyone including the other party without talking to your attorney about it first, this way, you can keep your back safe.

Being in a bicycle accident and claiming insurance will fall under a personal injury case. You will have to prove that someone else was at fault and that is why you suffered injuries. When this is done correctly, you will be able to get compensation for your pain and suffering.

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