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What’s the Speed Limit? 5 Things to Know About Speed Limits in the USA

US police officers issue around 41 million speeding tickets every year. That equals 100,000 each day or almost one every. single. second!

While some of these might be innocent mistakes, many drivers flout speed limits with a brazen disregard for driving safety and the potential consequences. Of course, it doesn’t help that speed limits in the US can be confusing at best and dangerous at worst. Ever wondered what’s the speed limit on unmarked roads? Or which state has the highest limits? You’re not alone!

Luckily, we’re here to help with a selection of fascinating facts and figures about speed limits in the US!

1. What’s the Speed Limit on Unmarked Roads?

Speed limits in the US vary from state to state so this will depend on where you’re driving as well as the type of road you’re on. For example, most unmarked roads have a 55-mph average speed limit, although this is 50 mph in some states and depends on the time of day in Montana. Punishments for reckless driving by speed also vary from state to state, as you can learn more about here.

2. One in Four Fatal Crashes Involves a Speeding Driver

Speeding fines are a prominent source of revenue for governments, but they’re also intended as a deterrent to uphold driving safety rules. And with good reason. Twenty-six percent of fatal traffic accidents involve at least one speeding driver.

3. You Can’t Drive Faster Than 55 mph on Most of Route 66

Many people imagine sailing along Route 66 with the wind in their hair and the radio blaring. But since it was decommissioned in 1985, Route 66 hasn’t seen any substantial improvements. As a result, the speed limit for most of the way is 55 mph or lower. The route also passes through many towns, residential areas, and restricted speed stretches, all of which makes for a much slower road trip than many people realize.

4. Texas Is Home to the Highest Speed Limit

They say that everything is bigger in Texas. The same goes for one 40-mile stretch of road with the highest speed limit in the country. While the rest of the state has a maximum 75 mph speed limit, you can drive at 85 mph on the Texas State Highway 130 running from Austin to San Antonio.

5. California Could Get Its Own ‘Autobahn’

Germany’s Autobahn freeway system is famous for having no speed limit on long stretches of road, such as the A3 between Cologne and Frankfurt. But if one Californian lawmaker gets his way, the Golden State could soon have its own speed limit-free lanes on Interstate 5 and State Highway 99.

Your Quick Guide to US Speed Limits

What’s the speed limit in your state? And do you often break it?

Hopefully, after reading this list of facts and figures about speed limits and the consequences of exceeding them, you’ll think twice about speeding in the future. While some speed limits in the US may seem arbitrary or no longer relevant, driving faster than the speed limit is a dangerous and reckless habit.

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