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Canada has one of the best systems in the world when it comes to providing immigration to its citizens. Canada is actually one of the pioneers when it comes to introducing a point-based system. Way back in 1967, Canada was among the first countries to implement a points-based migration system. In order for an immigrant to become eligible for permanent residence in Canada, he or she must hold a high score depending on the Canadian PR Points Calculator.

Also known as the Comprehensive Ranking System or the CRS. The points system works by ranking the different categories of information required in order to assess the merits of each candidate.

It is interesting to note that Canada has a number of categories of immigration available according to your skill level, profession and your age. These categories of immigration are available to both skilled and unskilled workers. An immigrant may also apply for temporary or permanent resident status. To obtain a permanent resident visa, the immigrant must have a high score in the PR points calculator.

There are certain types of immigration available depending on your immigration status. The most common is the investor immigrant, which is also called the Business Immigrant category. If you are looking for a permanent residence in Canada to run a business then you are eligible to immigrate under this category.

Another immigrant category is the family class. This is the same category as that of the spouse and dependents category. As a permanent resident you are entitled to bring up your spouse and children in the country.

For those who want to immigrate to Canada for an extended period of time, you can avail of an offshore investor program. This program offers a discount on your investment in Canada for a longer period of time. This is one of the best ways to achieve permanent residence in the country. This is not to mention the fact that a great number of immigrants come from other countries because of this offshore investor program.

When planning to relocate to Canada, you need to know that the number of points required to immigrate can vary greatly. You must therefore make sure that you get the right kind of immigration program for your needs.

Before you begin your search for an immigration program, it is important to find out the number of points required to immigrate to Canada. Once you have all this information at hand, you can start your search for the right program.

If you want to have an easier time to plan your immigration into the country of your choice, it would be best to hire a professional service. They can help you out with all your queries about the various types of programs available.

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