Hire a Workers Compensation Lawyer

5 Signs You Need to Hire a Workers Compensation Lawyer

There were 3.2 million work-related illnesses and injuries in the US in 2020.

Employers usually advise employees who suffer these illnesses and injuries against involving lawyers. Unfortunately, most of these employers don’t care about these employees and are only worried about protecting their interests. It’s up to you to decide when you should hire an attorney for your workers’ comp case.

So, how do you make this decision?

Keep reading to uncover five signs you need to hire a workers compensation lawyer.

1. Difficulty Filing Claim Paperwork

Filing the claim paperwork is the biggest work comp case challenge most people face. Consider hiring an attorney to handle this task on your behalf. This attorney will help you know the value of your claim.

You’ll learn how to quantify non-economic damages such as pain and suffering. The goal is to account for all the damages you suffered when filing the claim. Also, check this post to learn the deadline for seeking compensation for work-related injuries.

2. The Employer Denies Your Claim

Your employee might claim that you’re faking an injury or illness to receive compensation. Also, they might dispute whether the accident happened at the workplace. They’re employing these tactics to deny your claim.

Hire a workers’ comp lawyer to help you gather evidence to prove your claim. Also, this attorney will guide you on how to find expert witnesses who’ll support your claim.

3. Your Employer Retaliates

Your employer might fire or demote you after filing a workers comp case. They’re doing these things to intimidate you into dropping the lawsuit.

But don’t!

Hire a workers’ compensation attorney to protect you against employer retaliation. The idea is to learn about your rights as an employee and how to enforce them.

4. The Settlement Offer Is Too Low

Employees injured at work often receive low compensation amounts that don’t cover all the damages they suffered. These employees are forced to borrow money to cover their medical expenses. Consider hiring an attorney to help you mitigate this problem.

The attorney will negotiate a fair settlement amount on your behalf. The goal is to receive adequate funds to cover your treatment and other damages.

Finally, the workers’ compensation attorney will advise you on when to settle and when to go to trial.

5. The Claim Process Is Taking Too Long

You should also consider hiring an attorney to expedite your work comp case. The attorney will help you know when the employer/insurance company is wasting time. The goal is to eliminate any delays to ensure you receive compensation soon.

Get a Fair Outcome by Hiring a Workers Compensation Lawyer

You need the help of the best workers’ compensation lawyer to increase the odds of a fair outcome. This lawyer will help you file the claim paperwork before the deadline. Also, they’ll educate you on your rights as an employee and how to handle employer retaliation.

Finally, a workers’ compensation lawyer will help you expedite the claim process.

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