Taxmasters Class Action Lawsuit

Tax Masters is a software program that claims to help individuals avoid and settle their back taxes by “cashing in” on their refunds. This program is promoted as a way for individuals to turn their tax problems around without hiring an attorney and taking up the expense of a full-blown Tax Masters class action lawsuit. There are some very serious side effects that could arise from using Tax Masters, though. If you’re thinking of trying this program, you should know about them.

The worst thing that can happen when using Tax Masters is if you’re told to stop using the product.

It’s a frightening idea, because the company promoting the software makes it sound like the program will be helpful to anyone who uses it who is having problems with their tax obligations. In a class action lawsuit, plaintiffs are typically given instructions that they must stop using the product. Sometimes, companies will tell people that if they continue to use the product they will receive financial benefits that cannot be obtained any other way. In some instances, people have been given the option of returning the product, but then are offered a hefty sum of money to return, which could motivate them to file a Class Action lawsuit against the manufacturer of the product.

Complications include such things as blindness, nerve damage, heart attacks, and even death.

One case study showed that in one county in the U.S., there were more than five hundred cases filed as a result of the overuse of Chinese drywall. Chinese drywall is a synthetic material that contains VOCs or volatile organic compounds. VOCs are known to be carcinogenic and may cause nausea, headaches, dizziness, and stomach issues. The county spent over $1 million dollars in legal fees and medical expenses as a result of people suffering from short-term and long-term health problems as a result of their exposure to Chinese drywall.

The Class Action lawsuit was brought forward by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists, which represents over 1800 certified pathologists.

The group claims that the Chinese drywall contained a chemical that caused many patients to suffer from long-term complications including heart attacks and strokes. The use of Chinese drywall was banned in the US in 1992, but has recently been made available once again. It is believed that the chemical in Chinese drywall is the chemical chlorine. A new study has linked chlormine to the development of leukemia in patients taking medications that are designed to prevent cancer.

Other complications include eye problems, nasal congestion, and bad breath. A study done in January of this year showed that nearly twenty percent of patients taking warfarin had severe side effects, which included seizures, short-term memory loss, and increased risk of a heart attack. The study also showed that long-term users of warfarin were at a greater risk of developing cataracts and cataractitis. Many of the patients taking warfarin had a family history of eye disease. It is believed that long-term exposure to the chemical can lead to the development of glaucoma and cataracts.

Another recalled brand is the Transvaginal Mesh device. This product caused severe complications including a possible heart attack and a condition known as vena cava syndrome. Vena cava syndrome is a serious condition where the heart muscle slowly pumps blood through the body. If it develops, it can result in cardiac arrest and death. Vena cava syndrome often develops when a patient uses a Transvaginal Mesh product without the proper care.

Taxmasters has also recalled the following brands: Dicare, Durex, Ectomorph, Geni-Med, Heel-Matic, Intra-Sense, Minka Aire, Mylanta, Mylotis, PCA, Proctors and Touchstone.

It is believed that these products sold by Taxmaster caused serious side effects, which led to the recalled products. Some of the more common symptoms experienced by patients exposed to these dangerous cleaning fluids include: chest pain, difficulty breathing, seizures, heart attacks, heart palpitations, allergic reactions, migraine headaches, nausea, nasal congestion, and diarrhea.

Taxmasters has also released a list of five Class Action lawsuit names that have been connected with the incidents of these dangerous cleaning fluids.

These include: Clearasil, Driclor, Kerastase, Oxy-DC, and Volumecor. The company is also recalling certain over the counter and prescription products that contain either triclosan or benzene. It is believed that patients taking these medications could be at risk for severe side effects including breathing problems, seizures, heart attacks, death, and even death. It is important that patients using any of these products that have been recalled to contact their personal physician or pharmacist to discuss the situation and to receive any recommended treatment.

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