Are You a Victim of Relacore Lawsuit Fraud?

You have probably read the news or seen it on television, which is a Relacore lawsuit. This is a new product in the dietary supplement industry. It claims to be able to help you lose weight and improve your health. Many consumers have claimed that it helps them do both and it has become quite the talk of the town. The company, however, has only been around for a couple of years and they are facing fierce competition from other dietary supplements. This is because they have done a lot of ground-breaking research.

Many people wonder why anyone would file a law suit against a company.

After all, it is not like you are stealing the company’s product. Well, in this case, the law definitely did not help the company. There were many legal battles that went in their favor and Relacore lost most of them because they were not ready for legal action.

One legal issue was whether or not the formula they used was patented.

They claimed it was but at the time it was not. The United States Patent and Trademark Office did approve a few formulations but they were not complete formulas. This allowed Relacore to patent their own formulation, which allowed them to charge higher prices for it. Many legal experts believe this was a major reason why so many customers filed suits.

The company was hit with a second lawsuit in December, this one by the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC charged that they had engaged in deceptive marketing practices. They were not licensed nor were they qualified to sell the product as a dietary supplement. They were removed from the marketplace and ordered to cease and desist the distribution of the products.

It is widely believed that Relacore may be facing bankruptcy.

A class-action suit was filed in January. As of right now, the suits have not yet been certified. This means that many people have been affected by their conduct and there is a possibility that more suits will be filed. This is expected to occur, due to the sensitivity of the situation. This type of law is rarely settled outside of the courtroom because of how divisive it can be.

Relacore’s main customer is its manufacturer, who is responsible for over $300 million per year in sales.

It is believed that the distributors have been promised big profits with very little effort on the part of the manufacturer. The main problem is that no quality control checks are carried out when the raw ingredients are ordered from Relacore. The end result is disastrous.

As if those problems weren’t enough, the legal system has allowed Relacore to keep on selling their product without any quality control checks.

The FDA has become involved in the situation to prevent the company from deceiving the public. So far, the FDA has warned that they will be looking into this matter very carefully. It has also asked the company to formulate some type of quality control plan to help get the problem under control. For the time being though, it appears that the FTC has done enough to get Relacore to concentrate on producing a better product.

You can expect this type of lawsuit to continue to grow as other attorneys get involved with this situation. If you have been the victim of this type of fraud, you may feel that there isn’t anything that can be done to help you. That may be true, but you should always remember that this type of law suit can take many years and a lot of court cases before you recover your losses. If you are able to prove that you were harmed by Relacore, you may just be able to get a settlement that is substantial enough to cover all of your attorney fees and medical bills. With that in mind, don’t give up. Contact an experienced personal injury attorney today for more information about your case.

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