Reglan Class Action Lawsuit

Are you aware that there are different types of Reglan Class Action Lawsuits? Are you aware that this drug has caused various types of diseases and death in the body of people? This is because Reglan, which is a synthetic drug, was intentionally intended to treat people with acid reflux and other gastro-intestinal conditions. But this drug was not made to cure acid reflux disease; rather, it was made to treat people suffering from asthma.

What are some of the diseases and conditions that can cause a regular class action lawsuit?

One condition that can cause this is a stoppage or interruption of milk supply by lactation, nipple or milk ducts, or by contractions from the stomach or intestine. This usually occurs when the patient swallows or ingests Reglan. In the course of normal and typical use of this drug, the drug tends to cause the milk supply to be obstructed causing the patient to experience nausea and vomiting, as well as diarrhea and constipation.

Another condition that could result in a regular class action lawsuit is an abnormality in the face and mouth movements.

A person who suffers from this condition may drool while chewing, could see double or triple shades of yellow in the corner of their eyes, or could have an involuntary gesture of the thumb and or index finger. Children could also be diagnosed withakyphotic eczema where the skin on the lower legs and arms is covered in a thick, red eczema rash. Reglan is known to cause these side effects because it blocks the nerve impulses at the site of action which causes the muscles surrounding the eyes to contract.

The FDA had conducted studies on both sides of the issue, but chose not to ban the drug. Currently, there are no plans to make changes to the current use of reglan.

The reason for this is because of the extremely low incidence of the regular class action lawsuit related to the adverse side effects. There have been very few cases of this condition, and it is unlikely that they will rise in numbers.

The FDA had studied tardive dyskinesia and found that it caused dyskinesia, which is manic-depressive illness. It is usually a lifelong condition, but is reversible with the right diet, medication and lifestyle changes. In the case of the tardive dyskinesia class action lawsuit, the plaintiffs were awarded $1.75 million due to the negative side effects. The FDA has never approved began as a cure for the disease, only a treatment for this condition. In fact, there are thousands of people on this medication waiting for the long-term results.

One side effect associated with region is nutritional deficiency.

Because it is an anti-nausea drug, it tends to upset the stomach and makes a person less likely to take in enough food to meet their daily requirement. Since the plaintiffs in the case were eating a proper diet and taking in enough calcium, potassium and magnesium, they were able to successfully fight off the negative side effects. However, because of this shortcoming, some plaintiffs might not be able to successfully recover if they suffer from nutritional deficiencies. The manufacturers of the region have already admitted that the loss of mineral deposits in the digestive tract can happen to anyone, and 10 mg of reglan may not sufficiently replace what is missing.

The potential long-term effects associated with the region are unknown.

Some experts claim that it can cause liver damage and progressive kidney failure. While there are no official reglan side effects reports, one of the class action attorneys claimed that there were cases of patients taking much more than the recommended dose of regular medication for anxiety and sleep disorders. These patients then suffered from severe complications, and many needed to be hospitalized, while their lawyers fought for the return of their normal life.

Another class action lawsuit plaintiff, David Cote, claimed that he was suffering from a heart condition when he started taking privacy. He was later diagnosed as dying of heart failure. The manufacturer was not concerned about this lawsuit, since it was not a risk of causing death or disability, but the plaintiff’s lawyer was able to prove that he had developed this condition due to the region he was consuming. As such, they won their case and obtained compensation for Cote’s medical expenses.

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