Patriot Environmental Lawsuit

End of Patriot Environmental Suit

Many American citizens have become involved in a patriotic environmental lawsuit against polluting corporations. These citizens feel that they are righteously entitled to justice and are fighting for their right to clean air, water and land. They are attempting to hold polluters accountable for the damage they have caused with their disregard for the environment. There is a vast difference between environmental harm and what we lay blame on others for.

Patriot Environmental Lawsuit

There are certain regulations in place for every type of business, but it seems that big companies are able to get away with more. Big business needs clean water and land resource so that they can operate sustainably. In some cases these big companies have found it advantageous to settle lawsuits rather than risk losing a tremendous amount of money in a court battle.

The story begins with a group of citizens taking a stand against big business by filing a lawsuit in federal court against Enron.

This legal challenge was done in an attempt to force the oil company to clean up the pollution that has been present for over twenty years. As the case moved through the court system many things were revealed about the inner workings of this corporation. This is when the story of a patriotic citizen’s lawsuit against Enron came to light.

The story behind this legal challenge was uncovered by an environmental group in an effort to hold big business accountable for their harmful actions.

This organization, Citizens for Clean Air Solutions, or CACS, made contact with a whistle blower who worked at Enron. This person came forward after learning about the huge profits that are made by big energy companies through the disposal of industrial waste and toxic chemicals. This citizen decided to take legal action against Enron and other large-scale energy companies to help clean up our environment and to bring back much needed green jobs.

It is apparent that Enron is a very unethical and possibly illegal company.

The citizens of Patriot State are determined to hold these large corporations accountable so that no more landfills are being built and so that the air surrounding this earth is not filled with dangerous chemical gases and pollutants. The citizens of Patriot State have filed a lawsuit against Enron on behalf of all Americans who live and breathe in Enron’s home state of Texas. This class action lawsuit will seek monetary damages as well as punitive damages in order to hold the corporations accountable for their actions.

A huge oil spill took place in June of 2021 in the Santa Barbara area.

This oil spill has resulted in huge profits for major oil companies but has also decimated the eco-system of this area. The damage done by this spill is so extensive that scientists believe it is a result of negligence on the part of big oil companies. If the EPA and local officials fail to act quickly enough when it comes to cleaning up this massive mess then we may be faced with another major oil spill in the future.

This legal challenge has many citizens concerned about the possibility of such disasters occurring again. What makes the situation different with this citizen’s lawsuit? In the past, if an oil spill occurred in California the oil company would simply clean it up there the water and then relocate. There has been a new bill that allows any person who suffered harm due to an Enron oil spill to file a lawsuit.

This citizen’s lawsuit has the potential to change the way companies do business in the future. An Enron attorney has stated that his company is willing to settle the case with the plaintiffs if a figure is offered. The amount of money being asked to settle the case is quite substantial and will allow the courts to make a fair decision. An attorney from the law firm is currently seeking funds with the assistance of local lawyers to help support the claims being made in the case.

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