Freedom Clip Lawsuit Against Keurig


A California family-owned coffee company has filed a lawsuit against Keurig, claiming that its “Freedom Clip” permanently locks the cup out of the 2.0 brewer. The suit states that the brewer’s sensor mistakenly believes the “Freedom Clip” has special ink, and thus rejects any coffee-brewing pod. The Freedom Clip can be used in both 2.0 and Keurig brewers and is free to consumers in the lower 48.

A similar lawsuit by Rogers Family Co. v. Keurig is challenging the brewing system’s digital rights management style blocks, which keep out unapproved brands. In a bid to prevent any competition, Rogers has made its coffee-brewing systems with DRM-approved style blocks, which act as a secret weapon for Keurig users. It is unclear if Rogers will defend its position in this case, but they are pursuing a “traditional legal approach” and expect the case to be settled soon.

Keurig’s recent release of Keurig 2.0 and the Freedom Clip has triggered a backlash against the coffee maker.

In an attempt to combat the lawsuit, the coffee maker has begun sending free samples of the new product. Customers are expected to receive the redesigned machine within two to three weeks. The Rogers Family Co. will also be sending out a free box of San Francisco Bay OneCup K-cups to customers who purchased the new model.

A lawsuit against Keurig is not the only example of a consumer backlash. The device is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional coffee-brewing devices. The Freedom Clip uses more natural and organic ingredients to make coffee. This product has become popular in the market, and Keurig has a large potential for sales. The lawsuit is proceeding at a traditional legal pace, and the case will be decided in due course.

Keurig’s efforts to lock out competitors parallel the printer industry.

The printer industry makes its money from ink cartridges. By marking up their cartridge prices, they can drive consumers crazy. That’s why the Freedom Clip offers a more environmentally friendly alternative. And it isn’t just the Freedom Clip that’s causing the controversy. As a result of the lawsuit, the makers of the new Freedom Clip have also launched a new product called “Freedom” for their customers.

Unlike Keurig’s competitors, Freedom Clip users can make their coffee. They can easily download compatible coffee-making software and use it to customize their settings. In addition to the Freedom Clip, Keurig has released a new version of their 2.0 brewer in September 2014. However, the Freedom Clip’s new version is not compatible with Rogers coffee pods. This new brewer has been rejected by the device because it does not contain the right type of ink.

The new brewer offers more environmentally friendly options than the original version.

Both Keurig 2.0 and Freedom Clip is made of biodegradable plastic and contains no chemicals. They can be recycled. There are even more eco-friendly versions available. These brewers are becoming increasingly popular, despite the alleged patent infringements. Nevertheless, the new machines may have a lot of bugs. Luckily, the lawsuit is moving slowly.

Even though the Freedom Clip has been designed to make pirated K-cups compatible with Keurig brewers, it is unlikely that the product will change the market. But in the meantime, the device’s proprietary technology is making pirated K-cups workable in the Keurig 2.0. In a nutshell, the new brewer is much more advanced than its predecessor, which explains why the patents have been invalidated.

The patent infringement case against Keurig is a mirror image of what happened with the printer market in the United States.

As an example, printer companies make their money by selling cartridges and often go to great lengths to protect their proprietary technology. To protect their trademarks, they mark up the price of their ink so that they can make a profit. For this reason, the Freedom Clip offers more environmentally friendly alternatives than other coffee pods.

The freedom clip is another common way to circumvent Keurig’s digital ink stamp. The new patent laws are similar to the patents on coffee. While Keurig’s DRM policy is not yet clear, consumers can make the reusable Freedom Clip by inserting it over the DRM sensor on the coffee maker. The Freedom Clip is a patented coffee pod that slides over the Keurig DRM sensor.

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