ADT vs Ring Lawsuit

In 2017, ADT sued Ring for trademark infringement, saying it had copied the software platform that ADT had developed. ADT agreed to settle the suit for $25 million, but not before suing Ring to stop using its blue octagon yard sign and outdoor siren. The lawsuit is the latest example of tech companies clashing over branding. ADT is the oldest home security company in the country, and Ring started in 2013 to compete with ADT.

In 2017, ADT accused Ring of stealing ADT’s intellectual property and subsequently obtained an unauthorized copy of its software platform and related trade secrets.

ADT had spent millions of dollars developing its security offering, so its acquisition would have made its trademarks less valuable. Despite this, ADT and Ring settled and were able to continue using ADT’s trademarks. However, ADT hasn’t stopped marketing its products to rivals.

In 2017, ADT and Ring reached a settlement, in which Ring agreed to change the look of its lighted yard sign while keeping the octagonal design. The settlement was worth $25 million in bad taste, but the court’s ruling against Ring was an important step toward improving consumer safety. ADT has a reputation for trust and is attempting to sell its service as a result. The lawsuit was settled in the spring of 2018, but the settlement is not yet finalized.

In 2017, ADT pushed Ring to stop copying its blue octagon logo.

In response, Ring removed the blue color from its sign but retained its octagon shape. In late March, Ring added the blue color back to its marketing materials. ADT owns 12 trademarks for the blue octagon. Google bought ADT last year and plans to market Google Nest to its existing ADT customers.

ADT and Ring are popular home security companies. The two companies have a history of conflict. In 2017, ADT had a dispute with Ring over whether it had stolen their proprietary information, including a blue octagon logo. Since then, the two companies settled their lawsuit. In 2018, ADT has been working together in the smart home security industry. If you have questions about the company’s lawsuit, contact your local attorney.

The lawsuit claims that ADT ripped off Ring’s property and used its blue octagon logo as a trademark.

The octagon logo is ADT’s “unique” and “distinctive” logo. ADT’s blue octagon brand is a registered trademark with ADT, which owns the rights to it. Moreover, ADT has invested a lot of money to promote its security offerings, which include its outdoor siren.

ADT has been accused of stealing ADT’s IP for a decade. The lawsuit alleges that the company has been trying to use the blue octagon design in its product and services. Amazon has denied the allegations and has refused to comment on the suit. ADT is seeking an injunction against Ring, and a restraining order on the company’s use of the software platform.

ADT also alleges that Ring was using ADT’s property without permission.

ADT spent millions of dollars creating its software platform and its trademarks. In response, ADT sued Ring, claiming that Ring had stolen the ADT name and aspired to profit from it. Ultimately, ADT settled the lawsuit with Ring, which is now operating as an Amazon company and touting its reputation as a trusted company.

ADT’s suit alleges that Ring has repeatedly stolen ADT’s IP. The lawsuit claims that Ring’s blue octagon outdoor siren, for example, is a “brazen” copy of ADT’s logo. Moreover, the ADT trademark database contains more than a dozen patents relating to the same symbol. In the end, the ADT claim could cost Ring millions of dollars, and the alleged trademark infringement may also result in a permanent injunction.

The lawsuit was filed in April 2017 in a U.S. district court in Florida. The company accused Ring of stealing trade secrets from ADT by obtaining unauthorized copies of their documentation and source code. ADT then sued Ring in October, seeking to halt the use of its Outdoor Sirens and to compensate it with cash. The two companies settled their case last week after ADT won the case.

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